Blue Springs swears in first police officer

For the first time since the town of Blue Springs’ inception, a police officer was sworn into office in Blue Springs.

Anthony Anderson was sworn in as a part-time police officer Tuesday night by Union County Circuit Clerk Phyllis Stanford.
He is currently the police chief in Verona, but lives in Blue Springs. For the town of Blue Springs, Anderson will work 40 hours a month at $10 an hour.
Residents of Blue Springs, the mayor, and aldermen members were in attendance for the swearing in ceremony.
“I want to thank the board and the mayor to give me the opportunity to work here in this great town. This is a big opportunity for this town. This is a big step for this town. I will do everything in my power to affirm these duties assigned by me and carry them out for you,” said Anderson. “I will do everything I can to make you proud and make this town safe. Any time you need me, call me and I will be here as soon as I can.”
Blue Springs Mayor David Boland said, “Welcome home.”
Blue Springs Alderman Member Shirley Allen said, “We are so proud to have you.”
Alderman Member Leanna Hollis said, “As a physician, I tend to think an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. We don’t have a crime problem here and we don’t expect one. This is just our ounce of prevention.”
The board of aldermen already have a police car for Anderson and have already ordered a ticket book and a badge, which has the scales of justice in the middle.
Hollis said, “We liked that design because it means fair and impartial.”
Anderson said, “It’s about being safe in this town. I am not trying to harass anyone, it’s about abiding by the law and keep the small town atmosphere that Blue Springs has. Y’all are a step ahead of other communities that are continuing to grow.”
Malcom Leath, newly annexed Blue Springs resident, said, “Blue Springs is looking towards the future and Blue Springs has a lot of high hopes. A part-time policeman will be very helpful, but we will still rely on local law enforcement and highway patrol as well.”
The next regularly scheduled Blue Springs Board of Aldermen meeting will be held at 6 p.m. on Nov. 7, 2012 at Blue Springs Town Hall. The public are always invited to attend.