Maintaining property

The City of New Albany is considering a proposal to upgrade its current building code regulations to put more emphasis on property maintenance.

Brock White, city code enforcement officer, has asked the Board of Aldermen to adopt a property maintenance ordinance to more clearly identify to property owners what needs to be done to meet health and safety standards.
It is based on the 2006 International Building Codes.
“Such an ordinance would go into greater detail and break it down in terms of what all needs to be done in order to correct problems, such as no running water, no electricity,” he said.
The proposal, if adopted, would apply to all residential property as well as commercial buildings.
Mayor Tim Kent said the board is considering what parts of the proposal to adopt. It will be discussed further at the board’s Nov. 6 meeting.
We haven’t seen the details yet, but we think any effort to improve property maintenance and the overall look of the city deserves thoughtful consideration.
We also would like the board to include a discussion of junk on porches and in yards as well as cars parked in yards for long periods of time.
Property maintenance is many things and the city needs to continue to push for safer, more well kept neighborhoods.