Two magazines highlight week

It’s a big week here at the Gazette. We’re all a little tired, but a bit excited, too.

No, it doesn’t have anything to do with the election. After 45 years in the newspaper business, I don’t get too worked up about elections. Sometimes my choice of a candidate wins, sometimes he or she loses. Life goes on.
We’re in what we call the “busy” season here at the Gazette. It’s a time when we produce several special things in the paper, and they’re a lot of extra work.
 The Best of the Best readers’ choice awards are over and we had record participation from you – 356 ballots were turned in. We tabulate each ballot, total the votes and print the special section that appeared in the Gazette on Oct. 26.
Today, the 24-page glossy Winter Sports Preview is included in your paper. It puts the focus on basketball, soccer and the cheerleaders at New Albany High School, the East Union, Ingomar, West Union and Myrtle attendance centers in Union County, and Hickory Flat.
Elizabeth Zaremba, our sports editor, scurries between the schools getting pictures and doing preview stories on all the teams, then packaging them into a magazine-style section that the athletes and their parents and relatives will want to keep.
This is the second year for us to produce these glossy keepsake sports sections in the fall, winter and spring. The three sports previews, which include all the high school sports in which our children participate, are made possible by the advertising support of local businesses and non-profit groups.  We hope you will thank them for it.
Right on the heels of the Winter Sports Preview will come the fall/winter issue of New Albany Magazine. This 84-page local magazine will be included in your paper on Friday.
The cover story is about pets and their owners. Some people suggest that pets reflect some of the personality traits of their owners, and that they can guess what type of pet a particular person will have. We’ve put it to the test with a game where you try to match photos of a dozen pet owners with their pets. Let us know how you do. Now, no cheating. It’s all in fun.
Staff writer Angie Barmer examines with a story and photos the trend of area women gathering to make art. For some, it’s a desire to learn more about art; for some, it’s a party; and for others, it’s just a girls’ night out.
In advance of the Egg Bowl, David Johnson, Gazette managing editor, spent time with tailgating pros at both Ole Miss and Mississippi State games and provides you with some of their recipes. Even if you don’t go to the game, these goodies are perfect for the holidays.
Doyle Caviness, a local photographer and writer, tours the classic Bankhead Street home of Scott and Laura Dunnam The home, nearly a hundred years old, originally belonged to the McGill family.
There’s lots of other stuff, too. We have an essay about New Albany’s historic Northside neighborhood, a photo essay on stained glass in several area churches, and two trips, one to Olive Branch and a longer weekend getaway to Chattanooga. Plus, there are snapshots from many area events.
See why we’re both a little tired, as well as excited?  We hope you enjoy reading our magazines as much as we enjoy doing them.

T. Wayne Mitchell, publisher of the Gazette, can be reached by phone at 662-523-6321 or by e-mail at