2012 Student Section Challenge

With all the focus turning toward basketball, I’m pleased to announce plans for this year’s student section challenge, which will take place after Thanksgiving break.
I announced the games chosen over Twitter last week, but for those of you who are not big into social media, I’ll lay out the ground rules for this year’s competition.
First off, last year’s contest was a lot of fun, and I’m still amazed at how much the students were involved in this. From the outfits to signs and just overall school spirit, the four games I attended last year were among the best I’ve watched since I started working here. I’m sure this year will bring just as much excitement, and below are the judging dates for each of the schools.
Nov. 27- Ingomar at New Albany: This game was intense from start to finish, and both respective student sections showed out for this in-county showdown. It is for this reason that I have chosen to go with this game once again, only this time I will give home court advantage to the FRA (just keeping it fair, y’all).
Dec. 7- Baldwyn at East Union: The Beast from East are the defending champions of the competition, and I’m choosing to once again go with their homecoming match-up. East flat out won this competition last year because of their overall creativity. It was more than just dressing up, making signs and cheering, they put on a show, and even more impressive, they’ve kept it up since the competition. I was happy to go to a game at East last week and see the “Beast” still roaming around the student section.
Dec. 11- West Union at Myrtle: I love the rivalry between these two schools, so it’s no surprise that I opted to go with this match-up. West has the challenge of being the away team for the competition, but with as big of crowd as this is sure to bring in, I think they will do just fine, and I’m hoping for an entertaining evening from these two schools.
The award for the winner remains the same from last year; a feature in the Gazette over the holidays as well as a video on our website and a picture page.
Also remaining the same are the rules, which I have sent to the administrators at each school for them to address with the students. Let’s all play nice, but have fun and show some school spirit.
I’m excited and ready to see what y’all have in store this year. Good luck to all of the schools!