Rivalries and Twitter

While facing the mayhem on Black Friday in Tupelo last week, my dad and I took a break, which means I immediately went to my phone to check up on things in the world of Twitter.
Puzzled, my dad took my phone and scrolled through, trying to see what exactly it is that I find enthralling about the application. I then made the mistake of trying to explain to him what Twitter is and how important it is for me for work, etc. Needless to say, the conversation ended with no success and my dad simply shaking his head and surrendering my phone.
I remember when I first heard about Twitter while watching the Super Bowl with some friends about three years back. I swore then that I would never use such a crazy thing that was described as “just like updating your Facebook status.” Seeing as I hardly ever do that, why on earth would I use Twitter?
Slowly, I caved in, and it really is beneficial for me with work. Over 10,000 Tweets and 800 followers later, I’m completely obsessed and wonder how I ever functioned before using it.
The coolest thing for me using Twitter is that I have unlimited resources to finding out what I need to know about games and teams, which comes in handy when I’m limited to attending one game each night and want to keep up with everything else going on in the county.
Another thing I enjoy, the smack talk between schools. Mississippi State and Ole Miss have become infamous for this, using various hashtags (#HailState, #HottyToddy, and my personal favorite, #FeedMoncrief).
But this is not only limited to colleges. The Student Section Challenge began earlier this week, and the respective student sections that I watched, Ingomar (@IngomarStudents) and New Albany (@The_NA_FRA), use Twitter to keep the kids informed as to what they’re doing for particular games….and to smack talk.
Both schools did an awesome job on the opening night of the challenge, and I’m looking forward to more excitement in the weeks to come with East Union, West Union and Myrtle.
In the meantime, keep hitting me up on Twitter (@ezaremba1618), and I’ll enlighten you with useless sports knowledge and pictures of my dog.