Rally to the cause

In less than two weeks, volunteers will be fanning out across Union County delivering food and toys through the Gazette’s Sharing at Christmas program to families in need.

This year, we expect to be able to help a few more than 200 families out of about 300 who applied for assistance. The reality is the needs are greater than what the program is able to accommodate.
The food has been ordered and volunteers are out obtaining the toys that will be distributed to elementary-age children.
Much work is yet to be done, but the main concern at this point is having enough money contributed to pay for it.
The fundraising effort is running a little behind last year.
That’s where you come in. We hope that if you have the resources that you will consider helping push the giving over the $15,000 goal. Last year a little more than $14,000 was contributed.
A donation coupon appears in each issue of the Gazette. You can fill it out as a regular donation, or as a donation from you or your family in honor of someone you know, or in memory of someone deceased. We’ll print the names and amounts in each issue. The newest donations always will appear on the top of the list.
Of course, if you prefer your contribution to be anonymous, just check the box on the coupon. We’ll honor your request.
Gazette readers have rallied for the past 37 years to make this program successful. We are confident you will again.
We hope you’ll join the spirit of the holiday by making a donation if you can.