Corinth OKs wine, spirits

The city of Corinth has become the first to take advantage of a new state law that allows city voters to determine whether they want the sale of wine and spirits permitted within city limits.

Voters in Corinth Tuesday voted overwhelmingly – 70 percent to 30 percent – for the change.  Corinth leaders said after the vote that an ordinance to set up the mechanics for wine and spirits sales is expected to be approved within 30 days.
New Albany is expected to be the second city in the state to utilize the new law to conduct a vote. A petition drive to obtain the names of at least 20 percent of registered voters currently is under way.
The petitions are expected to be submitted in time for a city election early next year, probably in February.
New Albany voters have voted twice in the past three years on the issue as part of a county-wide vote. One time it was approved; the other time is was narrowly defeated. Voters outside the city limits defeated it.
Currently, the sale of beer and light wine is legal in New Albany, but wine and liquor sales, either in stores or in restaurants, is not permitted.
The issue really revolves around whether we want national restaurant chains such as Applebee’s, Chili’s, Ruby Tuesday, O’Charley’s and the like to consider locating here. They tend not to locate in cities that do not allow a glass or wine or a cocktail to be served with dinner.
We think voters in Corinth have taken a progressive lead on this economic issue.
Soon New Albany voters will have a similar opportunity.