Marking a good year

The end of the year is a good time to stop  and reflect on some of the things that have have moved our community forward.

Everyone could make his or her own list, of course, but we have jotted down five things that we think fit. Three involve the City of New Albany, one education and the fifth a private business. Here’s our list:
Expansion of BNA Bank Park – Adding to BNA Bank Park North has turned our sportsplex into a jewel unmatched in our region. The addition of the tennis complex has made New Albany the place to be for tennis tournaments, and the other upgrades have enhanced our reputation as a participatory sports center.
Rental ordinance – The passage of minimum standards for rental housing in New Albany, after a long and sometimes bitter battle, has laid the groundwork for the improvement of the city’s rental housing and, with it, the improvement of city neighborhoods.
Outdoor furniture ordinance – The Board of Aldermen took an important step toward improving the look of our city by prohibiting lots of junk and old furniture from sitting on porches and carports.
Early childhood education – Getting New Albany and Union County certified as an Excel by 5 community puts us on track to improve educational and health resources for children from birth through age 5.
Quality rental housing – The success of the first phase of 64 units in Park Place Apartments and the current construction of 80 additional units shows there is a market for upscale apartments in New Albany.
As we have said many times, maintaining the status quo is actually moving backward. All of these things have contributed to a more progressive, quality community.
    Now it’s on to 2013.