Dennis Clayton: Here’s to a better year in 2013


Now that the year 2012 in practically gone, I guess it’s time to set some goals for 2013. Not that 2012 was a bad year, I just see room for improvement for myself and my attempts to work for a local newspaper. So here are the areas where I hope to see improvement.

First of all, since my primary duty is sales, I need to do a better job in providing the service that my advertisers deserve. I have the obligation to see that they are advertising in the proper venues with the proper message to reach the prospective clientele to make their business flourish. I not only work locally for the News Exchange, but also six other community newspapers in this area, plus the Daily Journal. We have a vast audience of readers and it is up to me to place the advertising message of our local merchants into the hands of those who will come to New Albany and do business with them.

Another position that I fill is that of coordinating and reporting high school and middle school sports. When you see our high school and middle school sports in the paper, I either reported it or worked with one of our sister papers in getting the copy, photos, and coverage. I have by no means come close to what I had wished to accomplish in sports.

My main objective in sports is to give our athletes, their families, and their schools the recognition that they deserve. This is not a personal crusade to promote myself. I do want to promote our young people though. I had some objectives that were set for the sports before the section began and some that others wished to accomplish. Needless to say, I still have a ways to go there and hopefully I can provide a better public service to you, our readers and our youth.

Our three sons played multiple sports in middle school and high school and we have several boxes of clippings from their days as students and athletes. We still clip articles now as we have our soccer coach that still makes news on occasion, sometimes for his coaching and sometimes for his teaching. It is my heart’s desire that what is done here in our sports section can be the means for families to have memories that will last a lifetime. I want our young people to feel good about themselves and the activities that they participate in and to pass their accomplishments and recognition on to their children.

Finally, my goal in writing this column is to take a sport or sports item and make a connection with life and living. I want us (myself included) to examine our lives, our attitudes, and our motives and hopefully to take these snippets to better ourselves and better serve our fellow man. I trust I can weekly paint a picture that becomes a mirror and in that mirror, we see ourselves. This thought is not original with me, but it is the reason I write.

I wish everyone a “Happy New Year” and my prayer is that we will all have an even better year working with and serving our neighbors and friends.