Union County has good neighbors

Dear Editor:

In Union County, who is my neighbor? When I was in need, I can say everyone I had any contact with was truly the good neighbor!

We were in Union County in mid-December to do some work at our place in the Pinedale community. All went well until the day we planned to return to Louisville, Miss. On My way to visit a sick friend, our vehicle stopped in front of Ms. Nadine Browning’s house. She let me use her phone to call for help and she let me stay warm until help arrived.
Mr. Doug Rutledge and Mr. Pounders came to help and carried our Suburban to Doug’s place. After making a trip to New Albany for parts, they worked diligently most of Wednesday. They delivered the vehicle to us late, thinking all was well, but it being late, we decided to delay leaving until Thursday morning.
After a night’s rest, we loaded our stuff, shut down the house and left for Louisville about 8:30. Just east of Mud Creek on CR 47 the Suburban stopped again. Our cell phone did not work in this bottom. What can we do?
Along came Mr. Connell, his cell phone worked, and he called Doug Rutledge who came and determined he could not help, but called Parks Chevrolet in New Albany. Next he called Mr. Michael Whirting’s wrecker service. Doug carried my wife Christine, who was not well, to the home of Billy and Brenda Willard to stay out of the weather until our transportation problem was solved. Billy and Brenda had offered to loan us one of their vehicles.
Mr. Whirting came promptly and delivered the Suburban and me to Parks Chevrolet. Mr. Mark Nail, service manager, and Mr. Larry Cobb, technician, had me on the road in less than two hours. The lady that took care of Parks’ billing was so very nice and even gave a copy of Explore (magazine) to me.
I failed to get the names of all the good people of Union County that were helpful to us in our time of need, but the people of Union County are the good neighbors everyone would like to associate with.

Charley Rutledge
Louisville, Miss.