Classroom technology

The New Albany and Union County school districts took another step toward improving technology in the classroom this week with the addition of new interactive white touch boards in eight classrooms.

New Albany Elementary equipped four classrooms with the new boards, while each of the four county schools received one of the boards as part of a pilot project in eight districts.
The project is paid for by $53,000 in federal money from the Appalachian Regional Commission, $25,000 from the Three Rivers Planning and Development District and $34,000 in equipment and services donated by eInstruction, the touch board vendor.
Each classroom package includes the interactive white board, a mobile unit for the teacher and individual clicker devices for each student. Students can answer questions and take tests using the clickers and their responses and grades are recorded instantly.
We support the advances in classroom technology that are available from various vendors.
Students, especially at the elementary level, seem to enjoy using the technology, and are more apt to pay close attention in the classroom. The systems also can save some time for teachers.
Technology is an important classroom tool and teachers, whether fresh out of college or long-tenured, must be willing to embrace it.
But the key to education remains what it always has been — hiring and  keeping smart, well-educated teachers with a passion for putting in the time necessary to see that each child can succeed.