NAPD reports a large number of scams in area

Scams are everywhere and can happen to anyone at any time, according to Chris Robertson, police officer with the New Albany Police Department.

“We have been experiencing a large number of scams recently. Some scams are through mail and others are though phone calls, emails, and text messages. Most of these scams are people asking for money,” said Robertson.
Robertson said that timeshare scams are popular as well.
In addition, people that go door-to-door trying to sell magazine or other products are sometimes scams too, according to Robertson.
“The majority of the scams we see are not originating from the U.S. They are coming from other countries and there is no way to track them outside the U.S. There are people that work in other countries in big office buildings and their whole job is based around scamming people,” said Robertson.
“The bottom line is this – do not give out you name, banking information, phone number, Social Security number, email or any other personal information to someone whom you do not know and trust.”