Vote conscience, but beware wrath of God on alcohol issue

To the editor:

We read in the newspaper that the citizens of New Albany are still attempting to bring about a vote about serving and selling liqueur, wine, etc. or as we referred to it when I lived in Memphis and they had the vote, it was called liqueur by the drink. Oh and the hue and cry was this tax will bring about prosperity for our fair city, will help our schools and business, etc.

Quite the opposite occurred. The majority of the tax money went for more policemen and other crime fighting venues.

This is not the first time I have sounded off on this issue as I have had personal experience with the damage alcohol can cause.

Doubtless the people who favor its passage feel it will bring growth and good times to OUR COUNTY SEAT, yes all of Union County encompasses the city and all of us will be affected.

Where would New Albany be without the citizens of the county???

Would those who go to vote please ask themselves this question. When on judgment day I stand before that great white throne of Jesus will the blood of innocents be on my hands as result of being killed by a driver who has his ability to operate a vehicle comprised by alcohol??

I do not believe that a person who claims to be a Christian will vote in favor of this!

When I lived in Memphis it was a decent place to bring up a child, at least when I first moved there that was the case. However as time went by and the people voted in liqueur we saw some great changes in the city. Prostitutes walked the city in broad daylight even in the suburbs where we lived. It became unsafe for a woman to be out at night, due to increase in crime.

I have no doubt that businesses that sold strong drink did realize a great increase in profits, but is this all that matters? Should we sacrifice the good name, and a good place to bring up children for the greed of a few.

In reading the papers the jail docket and arrest record we already have a problem with DUI.

In my opinion this will increase greatly. Maybe even bring about the building of a larger jail.

Will New Albany become another Nineveh ?? Or maybe, even worse, Memphis.

So people vote your conscience. If this comes about it will just be another spoke in the wheel of sin that is going to bring down the wrath of God, on a nation that has already gone way too far away from Him.

We need to pray for our national leaders that they will wake up and turn back the tide of sin.

I remain,

Martha Hardy the Cornersville-Blythe news correspondent  662-988-3685. cell 316-8963.