Dogwood Hills Garden Club January meeting

The January meeting of Dogwood Hills Garden Club was held at the lovely home of Jackie and Sandra Ford. An inspirational devotional entitled “The Wolf at Your Door” was delivered by Bettye McMillen. A dinner of three different soups, congealed salad, and an array of desserts was enjoyed by all club members and a host of guests.

Sandra Ford, President of Dogwood Hills Garden Club, called the meeting to order. She introduced Mitch Johnson, Director of Yocona Area Council for the Tallahatchie District. Mr. Johnson presented a program on Leave No Trace. The Leave No Trace organization promotes good stewardship of natural resources and habitats. Mr. Johnson presented informational cards to each member on the seven principles of Leave No Trace. These efforts are applicable for any outdoor activity from gardening to camping, and there is a special program offered for children to instill the principles of environmental stewardship to the next generation.

Mrs. Ford then distributed the T-shirts and aprons with the club logo of the dogwood. A brief business meeting was conducted with discussion of possible fund raising projects and civic improvement projects. The meeting was adjourned to meet in February with Linda Pannell and Arhonda Coleman as hostesses.

Members present were Denise Pugh, Bettye McMillen, Marjorie Livingston, Helen Brown, Sandra Ford, Linda Pannell, Robbie Duckworth, Ashley McMillen, Joan Carr, and guests John Peter Ford, Joe Pugh, Lugie Brown, Cliff Pannell, Jackie Ford and Mitch Johnson.