An exciting weekend of basketball

The rather unpleasant weather and lack of games this week has given me plenty of time to prepare (and brace myself) for this weekend’s county tournament.
Needless to say, I was back in the books again this week, trying to figure out the answer to the most-asked question I’ve received  in the last week: when was the last time West Union girls and East Union boys entered the UCT as the number one seed?
The answer: 2005 for West Union girls and 1981 for East Union boys. Trust me, I double and triple checked just to make sure I didn’t miss something.
When I wrote about the country tournament throughout last summer, I remember the good runs both teams had through different decades. My guess was that West Union girls would have been back in the 1990s, but I was dead on for East Union boys in the early 1980s.
Before this school year even began, I knew that this year’s tournament would be different, adding to the excitement. Until the season started, I felt that any school could legitimately go in and win the tournament this year.
As the season has progressed, my feelings on that have changed, but regardless, I still think we’re in for a fun weekend at Memorial Gym.
We have to wait until Friday to watch the Lady Eagles and Urchins face off in games against the Ingomar/Myrtle winner (girls) and Ingomar West Union winner (boys), but that doesn’t mean that Thursday’s opening round will not be equally as exciting.
After the Ingomar/Myrtle girls’ game last week, I’m looking forward to that game, as well as watching New Albany girls take on an East Union team they have not seen this season. Also, I have enjoyed watching West Union improve throughout this season, so their match up with Ingomar will be good as well.
As far as my response to the second most-asked question, who do I think will win, I won’t weigh in on that one just yet. I think it’s anyone’s to win, and just know I’m looking forward to a great weekend with all you, watching the best county basketball tournament in North Mississippi!