Myrtle student injured by train

A train collision with a vehicle left a Myrtle High School student injured early Tuesday morning, just yards from the school.

Union County Sheriff Jimmy Edwards said Benjamin Paist, 18, a student of Myrtle Attendance Center, was injured in the accident which occured at approximately 7:40 a.m. Tuesday.
According to Edwards, Paist was driving his white Isuzu Rodeo south on Graham Avenue and was driving through the railroad crossing when a Burlington Northern train hit the vehicle.
“We believe he’s going to be alright, but we don’t know for sure,” Edwards said.
The sheriff said it’s unknown whether or not Paist saw or heard the train crossing signal before attempting to pass through the intersection.
“I’m not sure if maybe the sun was in his eyes and he didn’t see the lights, or what,” Edwards said.
Edwards said that Paist was airlifted to North Mississippi Medical Center.  Other witnesses said that he was responsive and breathing on his own when the helicopter was departing.
Paist is a senior at Myrtle Attendance Center.  He is listed as a guard for the school’s basketball team.  The school postponed Tuesday’s matchups with Coldwater after learning of the accident.