Macedonia news

By Lou McQuary
Olivia Williams was honored with a surprise 16th birthday party on Sunday, Jan. 13, at the Family Life Center after church. She had an adorable cake with the number 16 on top of it. It was made by Joann Lowery. Guests were served Subway sandwiches, chips, dip and cake. Olivia opened many gifts. Attending the party were Reid Williams, Will Busby, Jacob Cook, Jordan Harris, Savannah and Jacob Shirley, Marley Long, Hannah Grace Grisham, Alyssa Powell, Jesslyn Brewer, Julie and Emily Canoy, and Sarah and Hannah Page, and Mallory Gilley. Kerri Bridges and Angela Kirk helped Melissa with the party.
Bobby Shettles had shoulder surgery this past week. At first he was in a lot of pain but is better now and was able to make it to the worship hour on Sunday morning and night.

Sonny Downs’ Sunday school class met at Ryan’s in Tupelo on Jan. 19. Those attending were: Virgil and Barbara Floyd, Warren and Linda Morris, Mickey and Kaye Page, Clyde and Wendell Gullick, Jimmy and Kathryn Baker, Ellis and Vera Perkins, James and Thomas Ann Gray, Joe and Kathy McNeer, and Sonny and Peggy Tremblay.
Sunday morning Macedonia was blessed with a special speaker in the morning worship service. Jamie Wommack of Erwinville, La. gave her testimony. She was born in 1973 in Louisiana and had complications at birth when the cord which was wrapped around her neck, cut off the oxygen supply for 32 minutes. She developed cerebral palsy, and the doctor suggested that they cut off life support. Jamie’s dad, a Baptist minister, declined, knowing that God had a plan for Jamie’s life.

Jamie has limited muscular control, but she is able to walk. She has difficulty speaking, and her walking ability is limited. Her life has been filled with trials, but she has been able to achieve several accomplishments. She began walking at age 2, received a driver’s license at age 18, and received a college education. She had undergone much teasing and bullying in her schooling. She related how her older sister noticed the bullying in high school and put a card on her books containing the scripture I Peter 5:7, “Casting all your care upon Him, for He careth for you.” She has also received encouragement from other family members, a special teacher – Miss Betty – and a special friend – Stacy.
Jamie longed to be just like everybody else in spite of her disability. She never thought she would marry, but her dad introduced her to Jimmy, who became her husband one year after their first blind date. He is a preacher in Louisiana.

Jamie has spent a lot of time studying Deuteronomy which caused her to look at her priorities. She said it was like peeling a banana. Once all the peelings are gone, all that is left is the banana. According to Jamie, God did that to her, peeling away all the things that interfered with her walk with God. All that was left was Jamie, which she yielded to God. God led her to begin a ministry to tell her story. She still continued to want a job in the secular world, but regardless of all the interviews she endured, nothing opened up.
In January 2011 in a church in Florida she spoke to a thousand members in two morning services. During this service she laid down the desire to work in the secular world. God began to open doors. She spoke 40 times in 2011 in six different states, and 41 times in 2011 in six different states.
At the end of the service she played a song and asked us to consider this question: What is God calling you to lay down at the altar?
The flu is still continuing to go around. Three members of Bro. Louie’s family came down with it on Sunday. I hope that nasty little germ will soon spin itself out and go out into Never Never Land.
On Sunday Lakin Nowlin will be honored with a bridal shower at 2 p.m. in the Macedonia Family Life Center. She will be married to Jacob Douglass on March 2.

Thought for the week: God didn’t do it all in one day—what makes you think you can?