Message of Martin Luther King memorial day is ‘Carry on’

Part of the crowd at the King Day Celebration.

Sis. Gloria High sings the National Anthem.

A dance team performed to "You'll Never Walk Alone."

A step team presented a routine on being black.

The Union County courtroom filled Saturday afternoon as local residents gathered for a spirited celebration of the life of civil-rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
The theme this year was “We must go on” and keynote speaker Derric Morrison, pastor of Pontotoc Second Baptist Church, expanded on that using Hebrews 12:1-3.
He talked about the influence Dr. King had during his lifetime, adding “He has been a great blessing beyond his years.”
But Morrison then noted that King now has been gone more than 40 years and that the torch has been passed. “To each of us is given an appointed time and it’s your time now,” he said. “We must go on.” Morrison said we can’t appreciate the fullness of what we are doing, that it sometimes takes years, but our focus should not just be on making our own lives better, but better for coming generations.
He cited the phrase, “Pay it forward,” saying, “We can’t go back to the past great heroes, but we can help the next generation.”
Referring to comment made earlier by Bro. Shaun Vaughn, Morrison said “It’s not a question of do we have what we need, but rather will we use what we have.”
Dr. King not bothered by negative people, Morrison said, but by the silence of good people, saying or doing nothing.
“We must go on,” he reiterated.
The program Saturday included music by Sis. Gloria High and the Watson Grove Choir, performances by dance and step teams, the speech by Bro. Shaun Vaughn and a reading by Sis. Chawnteea’ Campbell.
Also on the program were Minister Carl Dozier, Minister Ronnie Rutherford, Pastor Henry Finley, Bro. Henry Knox and Pastor Colbert Graham.
J. Lynn West

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