A perspective on life after an emotional week

I was an emotional wreck for the better part of last week.
Allow me to step away from sports briefly and share a couple of events that put so many things in perspective for me.
While watching the first day of the Union County junior high basketball tournament at West Union, I received the painful news that a friend from college passed away the night before.
I’m only 27, as was Jermaine. That’s 27 short years for him and many more from here on that his family has to live without him. He chose to end his own life. Why, only he knows.
For every bad situation in life, something good comes from it, and I found the good throughout the course of week, reconnecting with many people from college. We were able to spend time with one another, remembering our friend and catching up, and for that, I am forever grateful and reminded of how blessed I am.
I was absent from games last Friday, because I traveled to Batesville for Jermaine’s visitation. I knew, given the amount of games, that I would be unable to attend his funeral on Saturday, so I opted to take Friday off and have that time for myself.
After returning to New Albany that evening, I traveled with a friend to Tupelo to visit Ben Paist. By now, we all know Ben’s story, and I will tell you, I, personally, am floored by his high spirits and how well he is doing.
Hearing accounts of his accident gives me chills, and only two days after the wreck, a video surfaced on Facebook of Ben walking.
It could have been so much worse, but thankfully it wasn’t. Since I’ve worked here, Myrtle has been through so much, particularly with automobile accidents. I’m thankful they did not add another tragedy to that list last Tuesday.
What all of this has taught me is that life is short and can be taken from us at any minute. I had to say goodbye to a friend and help many others who were closer to him cope with the reality that he is gone. But in the midst of all of that, I was able to witness a miracle.
God bless Ben and Jermaine, and please pray for them and their families.