Musical ‘Annie’ coming back this weekend

New Albany High School is presenting “Annie” for their school musical this year.
The show, which initially ran on Broadway for nearly six years and won a Tony for best musical, will be presented on Friday, Feb. 8, at 7:30 p.m.; Saturday, Feb. 9, at 7:30 p.m.; and Sunday, Feb. 10, at 2:00 p.m. in the NAHS Auditorium.
“Annie” is based on the popular and also long-running comic strip “Little Orphan Annie” drawn by Harold Gray.
The musical’s songs “Tomorrow” and “It’s the Hard-Knock Life” are among its most popular musical numbers.
The story is set in the 1930s and tells the story of Annie’s life in the orphanage, search for her parents, run-ins with various nefarious characters and eventual adoption by Daddy Warbucks, somehow spreading sunshine along the way.

The cast:
Annie – Lyndie Stokes , Oliver Warbucks – Walter Smith, Grace Farrell – Olivia Dunnam, Miss Hannigan – Elkannah Thompson, Rooster Hannigan – Mark Robbins, Lily St. Regis – Kristen Cochran, Boylan Sisters –T’Airra Ferrell, Tabitha Foster, Corderica Hale
Molly – Abby Roaton, Macey – Meredith Ohler, Pepper – Contessa Jones, Duffy – Victoria Duncan, Kate – Adalis Bynum, Tessie – Mary Scott Waldrop, July – Quinlan Amos, Sarah – Kellie McClelland, Nellie – Destini Knox, Bert Healy – Matthew Darling, Mr. Bundles McCloskey – Jerrell Howell, Star-To-Be – Brooke Fowler, Lt. Ward – Spencer Day, Franklin D. Roosevelt – Chandler Nail
Warbucks Employees:
Drake – Christopher Scott, Cecille – Caryn Gillean, Annette – Aspen Smith, Mrs. Greer – Lilly Swilley, Mrs. Pugh – Quin’Shay Perkins
Hooverville Citizens:
Sophie – Corderica Hale, Eddie – Jacobie Rogers, Apple Seller – Shelby Newell, Mary – Armonti McNeese, Betty – Alyssa McCrory, Mildred – Ashley McMillen, Anne – Kat Smith, James – Kurt Hickey, Phillip – Shaun Vaughn, Mike – Christian Scott, Betsy – Kelly Fay Mason, Cindy – Ainsley Childers, Peggy – T’Airra Ferrell, Jane – Tabitha Foster, Fred – Isaiah Powell
Cabinet Members:
Harold Ickes – Jonah Zahller, Perkins – Kennedy Frain, Cordell Hull – John Wise, Henry Morganthau – Spencer Day, Howe – Parker Nail
Dog Catcher – Austin Howard, Assistant Dog Catcher – Read Robbins, Fred McCracken – Isaiah Powell, Sound Effects Man – Alex Harrison, Justice Brandeis – Holt Garrett
Servants Ensemble:
Carrington Barry, Brooke Wilder, Shaeun Rutherford, Amber Grey, Andrea Chism, Somer Jackson, Abby Spencer, Alex Harrison, Kurt Hickey, Jacobie Rogers, Jerrell Howell, Christian Scott
French Maids:
Leeta Prater, Lendzi Sanderson, Sarah Bain
NYC Kickline:
Meredith Mueller, Emma Keener, Beth Teague, Hannah Anderson , Allie Owen, Meghan Van, Laura Creekmore, Margaret Curry, Asiana Judon, Brooke Roaten, Reese Neely, Victoria Adams
NYC Ensemble:
Emily Gafford, Tashiuana Judon, Hannah Fennell, Caroline Tate, Katie Davis, Sydney Fowler, Mary Kate Thompson, Tameria Ivy, Tiana Wade, Amber Gardner, Adrian Heaton, Anna Katherine Tate, Andreka Jones, Austin Howard, Jonah Zahller, John Wise, Parker Nail, Chandler Nail, Spencer Day
Jariel Boles, Jessica Crumpton, Ce Ce Cook, Alyvia Jeter, Rylie Brown, Ericka Seger, Amanda Hill, Peyton Neal, Mallory Neal, Jordan Samuelson, Alexisa Torres, Abbey Claire Parks, Kateland Wade, Mackenzie Smith
Katherine Lee, Alesha Gardner, Katelyn Taylor , Champella Shaw, Jalynn Johnson, Cecily Norton, Faye Tournage, Michelle Flores, Avery Winders

Reserved Tickets are available for $10 and General Admission is $8. Call New Albany High School at 662-534-1805 for ticket information.