That’s What I’m Talking About! – Dennis Clayton

What about the game?
Another Super Bowl has come and gone which leaves me asking the above question. I ask it because in this day and time, there appears to be more discussion about everything else that occurs as a by-product of the game than the game itself.
We had the brother vs. brother talk as the Harbaugh brothers coached the participants, which did set precedence in the history of the game. However the matter was ultimately decided on the field by the players with the Baltimore Ravens taking a narrow win over the San Francisco 49ers. A coach can only do so much to prepare his team and the players handle the rest.
We also had the media hype concerning the commercials and most networks played that up to be as suspenseful as a mystery novel or action-packed thriller. Hey, I watched the commercials too and there were a few that were very good.
Next we had the halftime performance that in this point in time, is a very huge promotion. You can always count on a big name performer to be there center-stage and having some of the most elaborate pyrotechnics and choreography available. The halftime show and commercials do draw those who would otherwise not be interested in the game into its captive audience.
It just seems that the game almost gets lost in the entire shuffle. Were it not for the game, there would not be the commercials, the halftime, the hoopla, etc. I remember the first Super Bowl between the Green Bay Packers and the Kansas City Chiefs and I guess I yearn for things to be as they were in the “old days.”
I guess the reason that I enjoy high school athletics is because our young people still play for the love of the game, still have that sense of school spirit, and still play hard together as a team. So much of our professional sports are more about the individual than the team.
I hope that we never lose that spirit with our local sports and I don’t think we will. On any given night, any of our teams may have a different player step up and lead their team to victory. The next game, that same player may be dishing the ball off to a fellow teammate that has the hot hand. The game still has the focus of all the activity.
Thanks to all our local athletes that practice hard and play hard to help your team. Thanks to our coaches that not only prepare our athletes for the upcoming game, but also for the future that these young men and women will face after sports. You will impact these athletes long after that senior season and can be a positive role model in their lives. The game never ends, it just takes on larger proportions as we daily live out the “game of life.”
Dennis Clayton

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