Vote “For” restaurants

On Tuesday, March 19, New Albany voters will decide whether they want the sale of wine and spirits to be permitted within city limits.

Two Mississippi cities, Corinth and Senatobia, already have taken advantage of a new state law that permits cities to decide the issue in a city election. Currently, the sale of beer and light wine is legal in New Albany.
To us, the issue does not revolve around whether people in New Albany will drink alcohol. Some do and some don’t. It’s a personal decision; this vote likely will have no effect on it.
But for our community, this issue is a business decision. Being able to purchase it here rather than driving to Oxford or Tupelo keeps revenue, and tax revenue, in New Albany rather than benefiting those other cities. It also will mean more wedding receptions and business events will be held in New Albany.
National chain restaurants such as Applebee’s, Chili’s, Ruby Tuesday, Longhorn Steak Houses and others also are reluctant to locate restaurants in areas that do not serve alcohol. Upscale hotels, one’s that include a restaurant in their operation, also generally bypass cities that don’t allow a glass of wine to be served with a meal.
Because of our easy-access exits on Interstate 22 (U.S. 78), which Tupelo does not have, we will get national restaurants. Other small communities on major highways around the country have them. People passing through will stop to eat here and generate sales tax revenue for us, helping to keep our city taxes low.
A vote “For” is a vote for growth and development in our community.