Experiencing the state bowling championships

Last Friday, I was engulfed in a an intense atmosphere. Partially because of what was taking place at Paradise Lanes….and partially because we were all crammed into the small bowling alley.
Regardless, last week was my first experience at the state bowling championships. Normally this is a time I’m tied up at basketball games, but since the opportunity presented itself, I made the trip early Friday morning to watch five of our teams battle for a state title.
First off, if you’ve never experienced watching either the regionals or state finals, I can assure you, what you hear about it is true. As the match goes on, people really begin to get into everything, and each school had a very strong fan base on hand, cheering them on.
The Baker Style finals is probably what I enjoy the most. That’s your top two teams battling in a best of five game situation. The crowd on either side is insane, and I would put the intensity up there with just about any other sport I watch throughout the school year. Seriously.
East Union fell short, finishing second for both boys and girls. And they were not that far away from being state champions. Regardless of the outcome, it’s still awesome to have two teams from the same, small school make the finals and place in the top two. Credit the kids and coaches for that.
West Union and New Albany also had strong showings as well, all finishing in the top 5. And for New Albany, let’s not forget this is the first year of the school’s program, and the boys finished fourth overall. Not bad for the first year.
Overall, the six hours I spent at Paradise Lanes was a lot of fun, and I’m pretty sure that was also the first time I live tweeted from a bowling match.
Thanks to everyone who responded to my ridiculous tweets, including the one where I couldn’t figure out why no one was bowling with the awesome cheetah print bowling ball, that I later discovered belongs to East Union’s Stephanie Hardy. Well, I saw her walking off with it, so I hope it’s hers.
We’ve transitioned into the spring sports season, so I look forward to moving out to the ball fields this weekend as well as finishing the spring sports preview, which will be out in a couple weeks.
Congratulations again to the five schools that participated in the bowling finals and thanks for a fun day last Friday. Hopefully I’ll be able to experience that again in the future.