NAES continues to improve Coordinated School Health initiative

Improving the overall health of students is more than just an idea at New Albany Elementary School (NAES). It is a concept that is continually practiced and improved upon within the school community. NAES began to fully implement the eight components of Coordinated School Health (CSH) more than five years ago. The eight components include: Healthy School Environment; Nutrition Services; Health Education; Health Services; Physical Education; Staff Wellness; Family and Community Involvement; and Counseling Services.

“Over the past five years, our school and school district have been fortunate to receive grants to improve our Coordinated School Health Program – especially physical education, health education, and nutrition,” said Tammie Reeder, Health Services Coordinator for New Albany Schools. Reeder further explained that the “buy-in” from both the school staff and the community has been amazing.

NAES has continued to find ways each year to expand and improve their CSH program. This year, with support from teachers and parents, NAES has focused on creating healthier classroom parties and snacks, as well as a healthier reward system for students in the younger grades.

Reeder said she was impressed with the healthy classroom parties that were planned by parent volunteers and teachers during the recent Valentine’s parties. Many of the party snacks limited the amount of sweets and sugar and included healthy snacks such as pretzels, trail mix, yogurt, fruit, cheese, and bottled water. Some teachers planned their parties around mealtime and had a well-balanced healthy meal while focusing on manners and mealtime etiquette.

“It is important for us to continue to grow our coordinated school health program,” Reeder said. “We want to provide our students an atmosphere in which they are healthy and ready to learn.”