Elementary students share classroom blog

NAN-0314-elem blog-4c


This winter, two first grade classes at New Albany Elementary School participated in a “Winter Wonderland Exchange” Classroom Blog. They communicated with kindergarten, first grade, and third grade students from Ohio, Arkansas, Pennsylvania, California, Kentucky, Vermont, Georgia, Michigan, Florida, & Ontario, Canada. Each classroom participating in the Exchange sent twenty crafts and a letter telling about the winter climate where they live. In return, each classroom received projects, crafts, and letters from across the country and Canada. Students from NAES sent a rain craft and told about the rainy winters we have here. NAES received crafts relating to Martin Luther King, Jr.; penguins; snowmen; Groundhog’s Day; pigeons; lovebugs; starfish; and polar bears. Students at NAES also learned fun facts such as: In Michigan, students get to bring snow sleds to school to play on the hills during recess time; In Ontario, kids play in the snow during recess time; and most of the students at an elementary school in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania are originally from Puerto Rico. The first grade teachers participating in the exchange were Christy Littlejohn, Robin Willis, and Jessica Nanney. Pictured: Students display the crafts and letters they received during the “Winter Wonderland Exchange.”