Celebrating March Madness

I couldn’t tell you the last time I took part in the March Madness fun, filling out a bracket and taking part in various tournament pools. It wasn’t that long ago that I hosted an annual tournament challenge among my Facebook friends, and while I never won my own pool, I took more pride in beating my brother and his best friend in Alaska.
This time of the year in college basketball is one of my favorite times as a sports fan. There really is nothing like watching the NCAA Tournament, even if it means I have to sacrifice watching The Young and the Restless for the first couple weeks of the tourney.
All this to say that March Madness has taken a different form for me over the last few years. When I would typically be engulfed in the tournament, I have since turned that focus over to spring sports at the high schools.
I usually write my column on Wednesday’s during some down time, and at this moment, we’re still planning to have the fast pitch county tournament this weekend. I enjoy any county tournament, but looking at the weather for this weekend, we may miss out on that this year.
Despite that, we’re still entering an exciting time with division games. I’m looking forward to the fun, in-county showdowns in Region 2-1A, as well as the big games for East Union and New Albany.
As for my bracket, it looks like I’ll miss out on making one again this year, but that’s OK. I probably would have done something crazy, like pick Ole Miss to win it all. Happy March Madness!