Spring snow, spring sports

School spring break week was one of stark contrasts for our family.

Jenny, our son Joe, and I took our three dogs and the cat to the kennel a week ago Saturday and then headed north. By driving all day, we hoped to arrive in the Kentucky suburbs of Cincinnati in time to have cake with Jenny’s dad, who turned 82 that day.
We stopped in Nashville for a quick lunch of White Castles, the small square hamburgers that Jenny has craved since she was a child growing up in Independence, Ky. We ate 15 between us. I had six of them and left thinking it was a good thing we didn’t have White Castles in the Kansas City area when I was growing up.
It wasn’t until we turned off the Interstate a few miles from Jenny’s parents’ house that we noticed the huge piles of snow pushed up in parking lots.
“How can this be? It’s nearly 60 degrees outside,” Joe said.
It had been above freezing for a couple of days, but the Cincinnati area had had two huge snows the prior week and it was taking its time to melt away.
After spending Sunday and Monday visiting with Jenny’s parents, we got up Tuesday and found frigid weather and a forecast for more snow as we headed home to Mississippi.
Back home in New Albany, we spent the rest of the week enjoying the advent of spring. As soon as the weather starts to warm, we like to do something we call “Surveying Our Kingdom.”
We walk around the yard, checking out the various trees, shrubs and flowers, and generally marveling at spring in the south.
The report is good: We have lots of daffodils in bloom, the maple tree in the front yard is starting to bud (we were worried last summer’s heat at done it in), and the roses along the patio that I whacked off in January are showing lots of new growth.
The final part of surveying the kingdom always is the same: relaxing in our padded swivel rockers on the patio. Jenny grades papers of her fourth graders while she rocks and I don’t do anything.
I’m really good at that.
                       – – –
Today in your paper is the Gazette’s Spring Sports Preview. It’s a 24-page glossy keepsake magazine with photographs of all of our New Albany and Union County students who participate in a spring sport.
The glossy sports previews started two years ago at the suggestion of Sports Editor Elizabeth Zaremba. She thought we should give the same treatment to all the sports, from football and basketball to bowling and archery. And she wanted to do it on glossy paper.
I told her I was willing to give it a try, but glossy magazines are expensive and we would need strong support from advertisers to make it happen. I was skeptical.
Today’s magazine is our sixth glossy sports preview. All of the advertising spaces were sold out in a few days.
Elizabeth was right. It just goes to show you how little I know.

T. Wayne Mitchell, Gazette publisher, can be reached at 662-534-6321 or at publisher@newalbanygazette.com.