Weather warnings

Severe weather season is here again. It’s the time when we start paying more attention to the weather forecast, and worrying about whether there are tornado watches or tornado warnings for our areas.

We have a couple of suggestions for you to help make sure that you are provided the latest weather information in case of emergency.
First, we suggest you sign up for the code RED system if you have not already done so. More than a year ago Union County adopted this plan that provides sort of a reverse 911 calling system. Instead of us calling 911 in case of emergency, the system calls us. The system is available to residents of Union County under an agreement between the Union County Board of Supervisors and the Three Rivers Planning and Development District.
The system will call land-line telephone numbers, cell phone numbers and send text messages and e-mails. There is no limit to the number of phone numbers that can be dialed. And you can limit the messages to tornados or expand it to include severe thunderstorms or other emergencies.
We think it’s a great system, and it’s free. You have to sign up online or have some one do it for you. The online address is Then click on Union County.
A second suggestion, in case you want a double warning or you are wary of the automated calling system, is a weather radio. They are programmable and are not very expensive. They are trustworthy as long as you remember to keep fresh batteries in them.
Take precautions now. Being savvy about the weather is important.