Basketball and a nap

It was a perfect-weather weekend for a basketball nap – rainy, gray, cold and just too nasty to spend much time outdoors.

Jenny and I turned on the NCAA college basketball tournament on TV Friday night and prepared to nod off. We were both tired.
Jenny had the better excuse. She and several other Oxford teachers spent Friday on a bus trip to Tunica with their students to go to a museum and take a 1 ½ hour excursion on a Mississippi riverboat. It was a field trip for social studies. Just the thought of trying to manage 150 fourth-graders on a riverboat made me tired.
My excuse was more pedestrian. I had spent too much (well, really just enough) time at work with our Gazette employees finishing up the spring/summer issue of New Albany Magazine.
Pulling together the stories, the photos and the ads for an 84-page magazine is not a small task for a staff the size of the Gazette’s. But everyone pitches in, and what starts out as a seemingly near impossible job somehow comes together.
By last Wednesday night, the magazine was on its way to our company’s glossy-magazine printing plant in nearby Columbia, Tenn. The finished product will be in your Gazette on Friday.
This issue marks the two-year anniversary (four issues) of the magazine that we started as a part of the Gazette. It’s included in each copy of the Gazette; we don’t charge extra for it and you don’t have to stop by our office and pick it up.
In this issue, we did a cover story on the growth of running in our area as an exercise and weight-loss activity, as well as a way to build new friendships. More than 130 people now are in a local group.
We also pay tribute to the many exceptional teachers in our New Albany and Union County schools by profiling seven of them in an article we call “Tremendous Teachers.” There’s one featured from each of our public schools.
For gardening enthusiasts, there’s a piece on growing your own herbs in a garden or patio pots to season up your cooking. We’ve got a couple of recipes for using those herbs and several others with a focus on summer desserts from local cook Rhonda Nichols.
Local photographer and writer Doyle Caviness gives us a tour of the home of Denotee and Ruth Martin near New Albany, and he branched out for a day trip to Tunica, a place with things to see and do beyond the gambling casinos.
If you want to venture farther away, follow the family-fun weekend plan in this issue for a getaway to St. Louis. It’s a great place to take the kids and many of the city’s attractions are free, including one of the nation’s best zoos.
You’ll have so much fun, you probably won’t have time for a nap, basketball or otherwise.
Jenny and I didn’t get much of one last weekend, either. Those tournament games were just too exciting to sleep through. Who would have thought?

T. Wayne Mitchell, Gazette publisher, can be reached by phone at 662-534-6321 or by e-mail at