Protecting the hens

It’s a case of putting a fox in the henhouse.
Pardon us for starting with a trite expression, but it fits the situation perfectly. Monday House Speaker Phillip Gunn, a Republican from Clinton announced he is appointing Joel Bomgar to the state Board of Education.

What’s wrong with that, you ask? Plenty. Bomgar of Ridgeland is head of Better Education for Mississippi, a group of Republican business leaders pushing for more charter schools.
Bomgar has no experience with public schools, not even as a student. He was home-schooled.
Bomgar, 33, heads Bomgar Corp., which offers computer support to companies, governments and universities. He and his company gave $10,000 to Republican candidates, mostly for the state House of Representatives, in the 2011 state election, according to the National Institute on Money in State Politics.
Perhaps Bomgar would make a good choice for the proposed new board to authorize and oversee charter schools, if the legislation is approved creating it. But, in our opinion, he is a poor choice for helping lead our public school system.
We think a state Board of Education member should be a champion of our public schools and of pushing for money to improve them.
He or she should be relentless in opposition to Republican-led attempts to dilute our public schools with competing charter schools, private schools and home schools.
Bomgar is not that person.