Switching parties

State Sen. Nickey Browning of Pontotoc has become the latest Mississippi legislator to switch political parties.

The announcement that Browning would become a Republican was made Wednesday in a short statement from Republican Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves.
Browning, whose district includes Union County, has been elected five times to the Senate as a Democrat.
We don’t think much of what Browning has done. We don’t care if Browning runs as a Democrat or Republican, but once elected we think a politician owes it to the voters who elected him or her to stick with the party that they chose to appear on the ballot with.
Browning, of course, is not the only person locally to do this. Two years ago state Rep. Margaret Ellis Rogers switched to the Republican Party in the middle of her term. We didn’t think much of that either.
Because of redistricting, Browning will be running for re-election in a re-jiggered district that includes incumbent Democratic Sen. Bill Stone of Ashland. Browning says that is not the reason he made the switch now.
Whatever the reason, we think this flip-flopping in the middle of an elected term is tacky. And to have the announcement come from the lieutenant governor in Jackson and not from Browning making the rounds in his district to let voters know in advance is bad form.
Neither Browning nor Rogers handled this the right way.