Hurting our schools

The deal is done.
The Mississippi Legislature has given final approval to a bill that will allow the money available for public education to be further diluted by creation of more competing charter schools.

Charter schools do not have to follow many of the regulations that govern our public schools, but are allowed to receive public tax money that otherwise would go to the public schools.
Fortunately, the final legislation was not as heinous as that supported by Gov. Phil Bryant, Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves and the Republican leadership in the legislature.
The bill, which follows the plan originally approved by the House, limits the number of charter schools to 15 per year and allows them only in districts rated D or F by the state.
For-profit schools would be prohibited and your tax money could not flow beyond your school district.
The bill creates a new board and staff, separate from the state Department of Education, to administer the schools. Analysts predict the board would cost several hundred thousand dollars a year.
We commend our local legislators, Sen. Nickey Browning of Pontotoc and Rep. Margaret Ellis Rogers of New Albany for voting against charter schools.
Legislators from around the state who support charter schools should be defeated.
The state cannot afford more schools. But this plan, at least, keeps the big-money, anti-public education businesses out of our state education treasury for another year.