News Exchange to have political special section


The News Exchange will publish a special political section next week in the April 25 issue to help provide information to voters for the upcoming municipal election

The section will include brief information about the candidates and offices they are seeking. They will have the opportunity to briefly answer a few questions about issues relevant to their office and challenges facing the city.

A new feature will be a chart that will allow you to rate or grade each candidate in several different categories as compared with other candidates. The candidate with the high score, based on your preferences, will probably be who you will want to vote for.

The municipal primaries will be Tuesday, May 7, and will settle all but one or two New Albany races (although those party nominees will technically still have to win their elections June 4). If a runoff is needed in the Ward 3 race it will be May 21. The Ward 4 alderman’s race is now the only one with both Democratic and Republican candidates and will not be decided until the general election.

All candidates in the Blue Springs, Myrtle and Sherman races run as independents so they will not have party primaries; the only vote there will be June 4.