Progressive energy steps

The installation of a solar-panel array at the Toyota manufacturing plant in Blue Springs is significant to our community in two ways.

First, the system represents Toyota’s continuing commitment to energy efficiency and environmental friendly processes.
 Installing solar panels is certainly something Toyota did not have to do, and the panels do not provide power directly to the manufacturing plant.
Instead, the solar panels feed power into the electric grid of the Tennessee Valley Authority. The panels will generate enough electricity to power about seven residential houses.
Second, the installation of solar panel generating systems recognizes the New Albany Light, Gas & Water utility’s commitment to alternative energy. Our utility participates in the TVA solar energy program.
The New Albany utility provides the utility service for the Toyota plant. Toyota is by far the utility’s largest customer.
New Albany collaborated with Mississippi Solar to provide the connectivity so power being generated could reach the TVA grid, said Bill Maddox, manager of the utility.
Both Toyota and New Albany Light, Gas & Water have taken a progressive attitude toward new energy sources. We applaud them.