A story about our “Hero”


Hero came in one Monday, and immediately caught the heart of the shelter staff members as a real special dog. You could tell from the look in his eyes, he was in pain, but you could still see his spirit shining through.
He came in from Union County animal control 4-2-13, emaciated and covered in sores and severe hair loss weighing 32 pounds.
He was also neutered and microchipped. His name was registered as Hero. Attempts have been made to contact an owner but no response.
Now after a few weeks of good diet, antibiotics and tender loving care from our shelter staff and veterinarian, he can actually get up and walk. He still has a small limp and is still healing; his hair is now growing back in and now weighs 44 pounds. On a recent walk out of the shelter, he passed many a small dog and cats and never showed any interest, only a quick hello to them.
He showed tolerance from a playful pup while video was being filmed; he never minded a wild playful 5 month old pup jumping all over him. (Video can be viewed on our website www.tupeloleehumane.org)
Hero enjoyed the sunshine and the grass so much today.
He walks well on a leash right by your side and sits and stays next to you.
Hero has his bad memories I am sure, but now you can only see happiness in his eyes while he plays with you.
He truly lives up to his name, as he has been our hero and brought us all more love for why we come to work everyday.
Debbie Hood
Executive Director
Tupelo Lee Humane Society
“When you adopt a shelter pet you help save two lives: the one you bring home and the one who takes its place.”