Change is the only constant

We’re 124 years old. No, not me personally, although some days I feel a little like it. I’m talking about the Gazette, which published its first issue in 1889.

An article in that first issue predicted the Gazette would be around for a long time. What constitutes a long time is a matter of opinion, but I think we’re there. Businesses have come and gone, but the Gazette has been the constant in New Albany.
That doesn’t mean we haven’t changed over the years. The Gazette changes as we attempt to serve your shifting needs and interests.
One of those changes is reflected in the paper today. Normally, we would have printed it early yesterday afternoon and you could have bought a copy at the Gazette by 2 p.m. By 5 p.m., our employees would have gone home to be with their families.
But that would have meant the vote tallies from Tuesday’s New Albany election wouldn’t be in the paper. We thought you would want those ward-by-ward results today, so our employees worked through the night at our building on Carter Avenue to print and package the Wednesday Gazette. And our carriers started delivering the paper to racks and stores around 4 o’clock this morning.
Today’s issue is a milestone for the Gazette, but it’s a date important to me, too. It was four years ago that I came to be a part of the Gazette and the community. My first day was May 8, 2009.
I was thinking about that this week, as we prepare to publish our fourth annual Explore Magazine, the guide of places to see, things to do and where to eat. We started it with the support of local businesses, Baptist Memorial Hospital and other non-profit groups who suggested that New Albany needed a glossy magazine for marketing of the area.
Its success prompted us to begin publishing New Albany Magazine, a twice-a-year general-interest magazine about local people doing local things. Again, the response from readers and advertisers has been very positive. New Albany Magazine will begin its third year in November.
Two years ago we added glossy high-school sports previews, showcasing all of the sports (and all of the students who play them) in our city and county schools. And May 22 we will publish our third keepsake graduation booklet, with a color photograph of each graduating senior in the New Albany and Union County schools, as well as those in Hickory Flat.
We’ve also changed the Gazette itself, greatly increasing the number of stories and photographs, especially those in color, of local people and local events. And we offer our subscribers the option of reading the Gazette on their computers, if they choose to do so.
Through all of the changes, you have helped make each facet of our business successful with your readership and your advertising. We’re the hometown paper, just as we have been for 124 years.
Now, it’s on to 125.

T. Wayne Mitchell, Gazette publisher, can be reached at 662-534-6321 or at