Rain, rain, and more rain

For one to say this has been a wet spring would be an understatement. Our spring sports have been plagued from practically day one with rain, cold, and even snow. We have seen quite a difference from last year’s almost balmy temperatures and sunny days.

I have a coworker that has said that if it rains on the first day of the month, it will rain fifteen days during the month. Can someone check and see if it has rained on the first for the past four months? I don’t have those records handy, although I have a suspicion that you can mark it down as wet.

Our spring events and games have been postponed, cancelled, delayed, you name it, and we’ve done it this spring. One area coach has even suggested a change in the sports seasons to take advantage of the late summer and fall weather and temperatures. If we get many more springs like this one, we might see more coaches share the same thinking.

As bad as this has damaged the regular season scheduling, it has reached almost nightmare proportions during the playoffs. This week marks the second consecutive week that our West Union Lady Eagle softball team has had to finish a series on a Tuesday. Our other area teams all saw games moved at least one day and some two days due to rain and/or wet facilities.

New Albany tennis is still going to have to wait another week to defend their state championship as that will not get underway until May 14-16. I agree with New Albany tennis coach Warner Creekmore that we need to look for someone to blame for this weather. Coach Creekmore may be right, it may be that groundhog! We need to find a scapegoat somewhere.

All of this concerning our sports is aggravating; however we will eventually get to the finish line. Yes, we will get our games played and we will finally get to state playoffs and crown the state champions. The sun will come out and all will hopefully be well.

So it is with our life, no matter how bleak the day may be today, we have the hope of tomorrow and better things to come. Let the sun shine.

About Dennis Clayton

I cover high school sports in Union County and occasionally contribute sports articles to sister community newspapers of Journal Inc. I have lived in Union County my entire life and strive to use my articles to promote our players, teams and schools. Follow me on Twitter: @denclayton for scores and updates on our local high school teams.