Improving city water

New Albany has taken another major step toward improving its water system.

New Albany Light, Gas & Water has been approved for a federal grant of $1.3 million to help pay for new water lines along much of North Street, as well as add a water tank, booster pump station and two new wells to its system.
The money will go along with a $1.7 million 30-year federal loan for the project. The city also is awaiting word on a $650,000 community development block grant needed for the North Street project.
The utility plans to replace a nearly 80-year-old water main along North Street, as well as a section of Broad Street, that affects the water quality of about 70 households in the area.
One of the wells will be dug in BNA Bank Park and the other east of the city limits near an existing well, according to Bill Mattox, manager of the utility. The booster pump will be added on Denmill Road near the post office.
Work is likely to start on the North Street project by September. Work on the wells and mumping station will begin soon, he said.
Since Mattox was brought on board to run the city utility, significant strides have been made in trying to deal with the city’s longstanding water issues – a source of frequent complaints from city residents.
We think Mattox and the utility continue to take progressive steps important to the city’s future.