Accidental childhood drowning can be prevented with locally available lessons

By Joanna Manning
The second leading cause of death in children ages 14 and under is accidental drowning. Did you know that? Another staggering set of statistics include ten people die a day from drowning accidents. Preventable? Possibly made better with formal swimming lessons.
Over 70 percent of African Americans, 60 percent of Latinos, and 40 percent of Caucasians do not know how to swim. The sad thing is that it is a generational problem, if the parents didn’t know how to swim, then the children were never taught or were told to be afraid of the water.
This needs to stop. Children need to be taught to be safe in and around all water. They must be taught to follow very simple rules and easy to follow direction.
Tallahatchie Aquatics (non-profit) is providing swim lessons in coordination with the New Albany Baptist Healthplex. Certified instructors will guide young swimmers ages 5 and up in learning how to swim. Each child develops at different levels. We never compare ability by age. I have seen very young swimmers swim circles around older swimmers. It’s not just how they were taught, it’s that they were ready to learn and had their own unique ability to learn. Each child learns confidence in themselves. We follow time tested swim training techniques to promote a love for swimming. Not only to love swimming but use as a life long skill to stay healthy and more importantly to prevent any additional growth in the current drowning statistics.
The summer swim lessons sessions still available are June 17 – 24, and July 10 – 20 (two weeks, Monday to Thursday 30 minutes a day). Adult swim lessons are also available. Please go to the New Albany Baptist Healthplex to register (no spaces will be held over the phone, space is limited) or call for availability at 662-534-7871. Email for more information.