Dutch sniffs out big bucks


The phrase “a dog is man’s best friend” should have special meaning for Sheriff Jimmy Edwards.
Thanks to the department’s drug and tracking dog, Dutch, they have received a check for $100,000 as part of funds seized in a drug case.
The sheriff said the case began with the Department of Transportation pulled over a car hauler on suspicion, and then asked the Union County Sheriff’s Department to bring Dutch to search the cars on the hauler.
Dutch located hidden cash, thanks to drug residue on it, in the amount of $646,000, which Edwards said was being smuggled to Texas.
The money was seized and divided among participating law enforcement agencies with Union County getting $100,000. The money will go into the sheriff’s seized asset fund and can only be used for drug enforcement purposes.
Dutch, so named because he is a Dutch Shepherd, is two years old and handled by Deputy Ronny Goudy. Although Dutch and Goudy train together, the dog was first trained in Hungary. He understands several English commands but some of the primary commands must be given in German, the language he was first trained with.
Dutch’s main job is to search for drugs but he also is trained to track and apprehend suspects.