What are you going to write about now?

I had the following question asked of me the other day, “Well, what are you going to write about now?” I have to admit that I was not able to give a very satisfactory answer. My reply, “I never know most of the time until I sit down at the computer.”

Actually, that was the honest truth because I hardly ever plan ahead or know beforehand about what I am going to rattle on about for the week. Maybe that’s a good thing because sometimes when I actually do think that I have a brainstorm, but am not at my computer and/or have access to scribble notes, I completely forget the subject or talking points. They say that happens to people that are getting old, evidently I have been aging rapidly for years because memory retention is not a strong suit for me.

One thing worth mentioning is the fact that we have summer vacation for our schools, so some of our activities have slowed a bit. Who doesn’t deserve or enjoy a vacation? I know that I have enjoyed my holiday vacation weekend. I enjoyed it so much that I waited until the last minute to write this! Mark Twain said “Never put off till tomorrow what you can do the day after tomorrow.”

One of the things that I can write about is the fact that softball and baseball are running full throttle at BNA Bank Park through our New Albany Park and Recreation leagues for kids on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday nights. We have such a large number of participants that it is again causing traffic to back up as vehicles are trying to enter and exit the park for the appointed games.

We will begin this week to feature some of the future sports stars of tomorrow on page two of our sports section. We cannot get everyone in but we will try to get a large number of teams in weekly with individual shots of our players in action. This week’s photos come from Thursday night’s games and although we only had a couple of games involving four teams, we had over 65 shots to choose from and narrowed it to 8 to fit the space. Be sure to turn over to page two in this section and see the photos. We appreciate BNA Bank’s help in providing this space in our paper for some “refrigerator copy” as there will be some parents and grandparents that will want to post these photos on theirs.

We have come a long way with our organized sports activities here in New Albany and this did not happen over night. This has been a work in progress for over 35 years and we thank all those who worked so diligently to get us to where we are today. Thanks to all the past Park Commission Directors and workers for your hard work and efforts and a big thank you to our current staff at the New Albany Park Commission. They work long hours to provide our children and young people the opportunity to enjoy the various sports offered. If you see one of the members of the staff, be sure to tell them “thank you” for their hard work. We also say thank you to the mayor and board of aldermen for backing our facility and workers. Thanks to BNA Bank for your sponsorship of the park and most of all thanks to all our Union County families who take part in our “wide world of sports” offered through the park.