Northwest Tennis signs Christian Scott of New Albany

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Christian Scott signed a tennis scholarship with Northwest Community College recently. Scott and his brother Christopher were a formidable boys double team for the New Albany tennis team this past spring. The Scott brothers won the deciding game in team play to propel New Albany to a second consecutive 4A State Tennis Championship.
The Scotts also advanced deep into the individual play for boys doubles as well. The deciding factor that worked against them was a nagging back injury suffered days earlier by Christopher that finally took its toll in the match against Pontotoc.
Christian Scott commented “In my experience at New Albany I have started the past two years and my brother and I have trained day and night in Memphis to develop our doubles skills. We beat everybody in our division. We have to connect on the court with our thinking. I really enjoyed the experience, it has inspired me. The feeling when we won our court at state was really awesome. I am looking forward to the tennis program at Northwest because they just built new courts and the education is really good in the medical field and I might stick with the medical field. They are rebuilding their program now so that they can get better players out of Mississippi. It’s going to be an amazing experience, it’s going to very competitive and we’ve got training to do.”
New Albany Tennis Coach Warner Creekmore said “I’ve had both of them since the eighth grade. Christian has matured and improved tremendously since then. He’s been a great asset to the team with his leadership and overall personality. He’ll be missed. They (Christian and Christopher) were so excited to win their court this year. Last year, they didn’t win their court and they were dead set on winning their court this go around and did a great job. They were pumped when they won because it was their court that determined the championship this year.”
Northwest Coach Troy Howell (formerly of Ingomar) said “We are starting our program and it’s a new program. This young man (Christian) is going to start our program, he’s got a lot of talent and hits the ball really well. He’s a great server, consistent server. Great kid, I watched him perform in the state tournament and even when he was down, his demeanor was like oh well, I’m okay. He showed great sportsmanship and that’s what we’re looking for, we’re looking for a lot of class and obviously I think we got that with him.”