Cornersville-Blythe news

By Martha Hardy
Coming to you from a very stormy corner of Union County this Sunday afternoon. I have just had the third storm of this day pass by here with much lightning, very loud rolling thunder enough to put my little outside kitties into a traumatic fit. They were running around all over the yard and so very scared.
I myself was also scared but had to go call them to come on the front porch as they would be safe there.
Someone dropped the mama cat early in the spring and we thought she was male. We did not realize what we were in for until she came up with six beautiful little kittens. So now I have job of finding a home for them. I had the mama fixed so there will be no more kits from her.
We also had an outside male cat neutered as he is a very sweet and smart hunter who brings me a gift of a mole, vole, mouse and to my sorrow sometimes a bird. From the looks of the feathers left behind I fear they may be catching my hummingbirds.
As I was getting ready for church this morning the sky opened and we had a deluge of rain come down. As I am not going to drive in that sort of rain I decided that just maybe I was, in the words of a former pastor at Salem, providentially hindered .The Reverent William Phillips was known to remark that we needed to be in the house of the Lord unless we were providentially hindered.
We would like to send get-well wishes to my neighbor, Mr. John Boatner, who last week underwent surgery for an abdominal aneurysm. He came through the surgery just fine and is now at home.
My sister Nellie Dawson and I went to Potts Camp Saturday morning and got a haircut from our niece Lori at her Noggins shop. She did an excellent job on both of us. She is very competent and a quick worker. She had us out in record time.
Upon arriving home Chuck and Austin informed me that we had had some company in my absence: a school friend of Chuck’s David Gullett, his son Benjamin Kyle, and sister Brenda had stopped by for a short visit. They live in Collierville, Tenn. and just last week there was a story about Benjamin in the Gazette relating the fact that he has achieved the rank of Eagle Scout. Congratulations are in order. Sorry I missed you and also sorry that you caught the house in such a mess. I have been sorting and trying to figure out how to dispose and or give away a basket full of seed catalogs and other magazines that have been accumulating since the first of the year, but got bored and just left all in the living room floor. And my other excuse is that have not felt very well lately so house work is not on my list of priorities. While there we enjoyed visiting with the other customers.
Just a word of appreciation for those who have called to say they have missed my news when it did not appear in some of the recent newspapers.
I have also enjoyed some telephone calls from some of my former neighbors from when I lived in Memphis. One of them still lives in the house that was next door to the one where I lived for close to 30 years. As we get older we appreciate our old friends even more.
As I was writing this I had several more telephone calls, one of them from my sister-in-law Delois Douglass from Charleston. She called to check on us as she had heard on the news that we had some stormy weather here. We caught up on all the news and have begun to discuss my plan to pitch a big family party when my son Chuck gets back from Cambodia with his bride.
He has recently heard from Homeland Security as well as the embassy there.
I just talked to my sister Nellie Dawson who told me she had a visit over the weekend from our brother Jim Castleberry, his wife Karen, as well as his daughter Betsey Robbins and her family from Jackson. They brought their musical instruments and played and sang for her.
I would like to send our get-well wishes to Don Lemons who was recently hurt in an accident. I do not have all the particulars on where, how, or when it occurred, but have heard that he is on the mend.
This is all folks; just be sure to call or e-mail if you have news. Here is my info:;
Landline 662-988-3685; Cell 316-8963.