Cornersville-Blythe news

By Martha Hardy
Greetings to all from our corner of the world. Here is hoping that those of you who are fortunate enough to still have your father with you, enjoyed spending time together on Father’s Day.
I missed Sue and Bill Rowland at church yesterday. They usually sit on the row just in front of me. This morning I called and when Sue answered I asked how are you, her reply was just fine as we are in Biloxi.
Bill is attending a convention of Mississippi Chief of Police, and Sue is along for a little rest and relaxation .
She has just spent a week with ten of Bill’s and her grandchildren. They are the children of daughter Rhonda Smothers and son Jon Rowland and wife.
Sue says she enjoyed the time she had with them and they all seemed to have a good time.
I was working in my yard last week when a big pickup truck came up my drive with lots of plants in it. Such a pleasant surprise as I had not met the people in the truck but it turned out to be some neighbors from down the road who are the grandparents of Aleshia Higgins who has been a friend of my son Austin since they were in first grade.
Vivian and Kenneth Higgins have a beautiful yard and one day as I passed I noticed they had an unusual lily, so I told Aleshia to ask her grandmother if she would trade me some of them for some red spider lilies.
I had no idea they would deliver them, as well as bring me a sweet plant. The old saying is that we are not supposed to say thank you for the gift of a plant; however, I am so appreciative of them. And so happy to have met the Higginses who were allowing another grandchild, Bubba, to practice his driving skills. I had met Bubba before as he goes to school at West Union where my son Austin will be a sophomore this fall.
Speaking of Austin, last September he had an accident on his four-wheeler and it looked to me as that it was beyond repair. However, he got busy and ordered the broken parts from the repair place and got it running again, much to my amazement as well as others who had seen the damage.
This past Saturday he allowed a friend to ride it and the friend wrecked it again. It has the front end all smashed in but is still able to be ridden. He is now wanting us to help finance a pickup truck as he will be getting his license this September. I am very afraid if the luck he has had with this vehicle what might happen to a truck and or to Austin.
I have some sad news to report today: James (Spider) Cook, who has been fighting cancer for some time, passed away Saturday, June 15, at North Mississippi Medical Center. He was 58 years old, the owner of a business in Potts Camp. Our condolences to the family.
I learned of another death this past week. My son Chuck’s father-in-law in Cambodia had been having some health problems for some time but it is thought that the cause of death was a heart problem.
Chuck has been trying to bring Saly to the USA for the past three years and finally the powers that be seem to have agreed upon allowing her another interview with our embassy there and when it is granted Chuck is going over to accompany her for the interview.
There has been one excuse and another road block or the other but it is pretty sure that they will grant her a visa this time. We are hoping.
I leave you with this from an American government official named William Gibbs McAdoo who lived from 1863 to 1941. He says “It is impossible to defeat an ignorant man in argument.” Might I add Amen to that thought. Landline 662-988-3685. Cell 316-8963.