East Union rallies for win over New Albany

Defense… That was the story of the exhibition game between the East Union Urchins against the New Albany Bulldogs Thursday night. It was a back and forth, topsy turvy, razzle dazzle game with the Urchins coming out with a 6-1 victory. It looked like a good start for the Bulldogs in the first inning on the diamond. Jake Mc Donald hit a double to set up the only score for the Bulldogs and was driven in by Grant Hogue. The second inning was a defensive shutout with an impressive snow cone catch from the Bulldogs Sam McMillin, and an impressive 3 outs in the second inning from East Union short stop Zane Wilkinson. East Union struck in the third inning with a sacrifice hit from Jacob Elder to bring in Zane Wilkinson for the first score. The fourth inning was another great defensive effort from both teams. It was obvious in the fifth inning that the Bulldogs Ken Phillips, who was throwing some serious heat successfully from the mound at pitcher, was getting tired and this was just the break East Union needed to get the lead. It started with a double from Cade Bale to bring in DJ Armstrong, followed closely by Lane Plunk driving in Zane Wilkinson. All of this followed by two runs by Plunk, and sub runner Zach Crump. The last was brought in by a double from Cade Bale to bring in DJ Armstrong for the final score. The rest of the game was very well defensively played by both teams after a fresh Jack Mason came to replace the winded Ken Phillips. The Urchins closed the game with Plunk pitching. The Bulldogs played a very hard game, but just could not capitalize over their errors.