Hurricane news

By Susan Hooker, 419-5842
Homegrown tomatoes are a time-honored ritual of the summer growing season in the South. Community residents have as many variations as there are households in the neighborhood on how to successfully grow the fruit that is used as a vegetable, but it is botanically a berry. Go figure! Sophie Hooker reaped the benefits of an early spring planting of white potatoes as she had to dig her crop last week.
VBS will be held at Oak Dale Baptist Church on June 17-21 from 6:00-830 p.m. Rev. Bill Thompson is pastor.
Kyle Logan and Miranda Smith were married in a beautiful ceremony in Mount Vernon, Illinois, on June 1 by the groom’s father, Rev. Wayne Logan, of Hurricane. Those attending from Hurricane are as follows: Greta, Ashley, Liz, Hannah, and Kayla Logan, Rev. Philip, Perri, Issac, and Emma Brock, Mike, Jennifer and Jennifer (II) Chestney. Kyle’s grandparents attending are as follows: Rev. Earl and Betty Farley of Myrtle and Phillip and Jean Logan of Iuka.
Birthday wishes to Phil Warren, Larry Smith, Rhett Russell. B J Moore, Paul Moore, and Gerry Logan, Jr.
Get-well wishes to Danny Owen and to J.C. Sneed.
Guests at Hurricane Baptist on Sunday, June 16, were Rev. Jake and Mrs. Kristie Robadoe of Elgin, Illinois, who were traveling as ambassadors of Providence Baptist College with the young ladies’ choral group. The presentations were enjoyed by the congregation.
A floral tribute in memory of Jacky Weeden, a veteran of the Vietnam War, was placed in the foyer of Hurricane Baptist on Sunday, June 16, by his widow, Linda Weeden, and daughters, Ginger and Amy.
The floral arrangement in the sanctuary of Hurricane Baptist on June 17 was in memory of Wayne Warren and was given by his family, Jimmie S. Warren, and children, Phil Warren and Jill Frohn.
B J Moore, Ashley and Beth Berryhill, and Devin Flurry vacationed in Gulf Shores, Ala. I am sure glad that they missed the riptides.
Those who enjoyed camping and waterskiing at Smith Lake, Ala., were the following: Paul, Christa, Payton, Colton, and Livvy Moore, Kalor Kirby, and Cade, Megan, Sophie and Ella Kate Hooker, Christa’s family also went. They are as follows: Glenn, Shanna, Whit, Ryne, and Emi Franklin of Pontotoc and Bill, Suzanne, Ashton, and Scout Waldrop.
Enjoying a long weekend at Cuba Landing on the Tennessee River were the following: Brent, Dana, Caden and Kelsy Spears, Aric Shondra, Laken and Chloe Graham, all of Pontotoc, and Colt, Brooke, Aden, Braxton, and Harper Hooker, and Chase Owens. The group enjoyed camping, fishing, waterskiing, and just riding the pontoon.
Anniversary milestones for June: Roy and Faye Dillard, 58, Larry and Clarenda Parrish, 45, Mike and Lyn Spears, 44, Bradley and Kathy Montgomery,41, and Don and Freida Browning,32.
The old photo in the Progress last week was of the Gray and Susannah Nelson Williams family of Lafayette Springs. They were the grandparents of my late grandmother, Sudiebet Williams Graham of Hurricane. Her father was Charlie Williams.
Joshua Nelson was the brother of Susannah Nelson Williams. He walked home from the Battle of Gettysburg 150 years ago this July. I will share information. Affiliated families are the Evans, Hearns, and Rayburns as well as others.
Sympathy is extended to the family of Mary Jenkins Denley, a native of the Mississippi Delta. Services were at Hurricane Baptist Church with interment in her former hometown. She lived in the former Henry and Lula Maude Gregory home. She was also a neighbor of her sister, Winnie Pennington (Bob). She was a member of Hurricane Baptist and was loved by her church family. .