It’s a hit! Cotton States Softball League

By Dennis Clayton
The Cotton States Softball League’s inaugural season began Saturday and from practically all accounts, is a big hit with the players, coaches, and fans. Sunday had all four teams in action again with players coming from across Northeast Mississippi to play.
Coach Tom Zahller is commissioner for the newly formed league. Coach Zahller was pleased with the numbers of players who signed up to play and also very pleased that the league was able to support four teams. Coach Zahller said he hopes to add more players and teams for the fall league and hopes that it will not conflict too much with the high school slow pitch games locally.
Many area schools are slowly phasing out slow pitch softball and the Cotton States Softball League will give players the opportunity to play fast pitch softball during the fall. There is already a waiting list for players who wish to play in the fall according to Coach Zahller.
Union County is well represented with at least a dozen players from our city and county schools. Pontotoc and Tippah County schools also have several girls playing in the league.
Hopefully the league will see expansion this fall, hopes are to see the number of teams go from the current four to at least six maybe eight teams. If expansion doesn’t hit those numbers by fall, hopefully by next summer the league will reach them.
Coach Zahller would love to see the numbers go as high as 10-12 teams which would have player numbers reaching 110-125 total.
Games are played on Tuesday and Thursday nights and on the weekends, games are played during the afternoons on Saturday and Sunday. All games are played at BNA Bank Park.