New Albany holds sports camp for special needs students

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By Dennis Clayton
Monday and Tuesday a sports camp was held for students with special needs with coaches from the athletic department leading the students through drills pertaining to the various sports. Monday was the day for football and soccer. Students worked through agility drills with the football coaches and worked on developing ball-handling skills with soccer coaches. Monday’s events were held at the football field on campus.
Tuesday would be the day for baseball and softball with these events being held at BNA Bank Park. Students would work on skills and drills associated with these sports with coaches from the baseball and softball programs.
Summer Sanderson is the camp director and originator and she spoke about the camp and its emphasis on sports. “We have Camp Smiles every year that is for kids from three to eighteen and it is for kids with special needs or disabilities. This year we were talking about things that these kids don’t normally do or get to do, so we thought about a sports camp. So I asked Dad (New Albany AD Shane Sanderson) if he could help us out.
We’ve got soccer and football going on tonight (Monday) and baseball and softball Tuesday to try to get the kids ready for Frog-A-Nanny, that was rained out earlier this year. This is kind of like a practice for them.”
“We’ve got about twenty kids out here right now and we’ve got brothers and sisters and even parents out here. It’s getting everybody in some families involved with what is happening. It is also a safe environment for those who do leave their kids and they can trust that the kids will be taken care of here,” Summer added.
Summer said “This is the fourth year for Camp Smiles, but this is the first year for the sports camp branch-off. We hope to continue to do the sports camp with Camp Smiles every year. We need campers and buddies.”
Summer closed by saying “we want to say thank you to all the coaches at New Albany High School for helping out.”
If you have a special needs child or know of a special needs child, this would be a great opportunity for them.