Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?

The above question was the title of a hit song in the late Sixties by Chicago Transit Authority (later shortened to Chicago because the real transit authority complained about the group’s name). Anyhow, the question in the song went like this “Does anybody really know what time it is? Does anybody really care?

Well I can tell you what time it is! I can tell you that I care as well. It is almost time for school to start. Sorry kids it’s close to back to school time, enjoy your last few days of summer vacation. That goes for you teachers too, you enjoy the summer vacation as much or more as the kids.

With school starting back, we can look forward to fall sports. Did you realize that it is less than a month before the high school football season begins? August 16 marks the night for most schools and their football teams to play jamboree action.

Not only do we have football beginning that week, most softball teams will begin play on or around August 17, plus many volleyball squads have games or tournaments on that Saturday too. Cross country will soon follow on Saturdays in September and October.

When you add all our sports for fall up, we will have 14 teams playing county-wide. That’s a lot of sports for even the most avid sports fan. There should be something of interest to watch for just about everyone. If you didn’t get enough fast pitch softball and baseball, there’s also Cotton States League play during the fall in both of these sports. Like I said, there should be something for everyone.

Not only do we have our prep sports, but college football is less than 40 days away too. We love our college football here in the south and in the state of Mississippi. All of the State, Ole Miss, and Southern faithful are anxiously looking forward to the season with hopes of landing that coveted bowl spot at season’s end. I wish all three the best and nothing would make me any happier than to see all three in bowls.

The fall season has and always will be my favorite time of the year. I enjoy the weather and the opportunity to be outside and enjoy the sports, the company of fellow sports enthusiasts, and most of all family time with precious loved ones.

Yes, we all know what time it is and we really care. We love our football, softball, volleyball, cross country here in Union County. We care about our players, teams, and schools too. Let the countdown begin. Best wishes for a great season to all our teams and coaches.

About Dennis Clayton

I cover high school sports in Union County and occasionally contribute sports articles to sister community newspapers of Journal Inc. I have lived in Union County my entire life and strive to use my articles to promote our players, teams and schools. Follow me on Twitter: @denclayton for scores and updates on our local high school teams.