An Olympic challenge

By Jake Dean

The event of lifting a heavier weight than your opponent to see who is the strongest has been around stretching as far back as the ancient Greek time period.

This Olympic sport has now branched out to high schools as well. Competitions are held and sanctioned by MHSAA representatives and officials.

Locally, power lifting has become a huge success in Union County. A recently won state championship for East Union and several gold medalist winners from New Albany have put Union county on the map for power lifting. Whether they are working out in cowboy boots, or sophisticated power lifting suits, the boys in Union County take power lifting season very seriously.

“This sport has evolved so much here at East Union and in our second year we get a power lifting championship. I am proud as a coach for these kids, they worked hard for it,” said Coach Scott Duley on East Union’s championship.

The sport also does wonders for the athletes who participate in other sports such as football, basketball or baseball. New Albany has made big leaps and bounds in their athletics and a recently awarded “Coaching Staff of the Year” will agree that part of their success in other sports can easily be reflected off the time in the weight room in the power lifting season.

Looking into a new football season, Union County will definitely be focused on fall’s big sport. Let it be known though, that after football season in the winter time the Olympians of Union County will be grunting, screaming, sweating and pushing their way to a power lifting state championship! “We’re hoping to have as much success as last year, and I wish more success for the kids,” Duley said.